Discover the Pitfalls of Poor Placement

Are you excited about enhancing your outdoor space with a shade sail? Before you dive into the process, it’s crucial to know where you cannot put your shade sail. As your expert shade sail company, we have provided some valuable insights to share about this matter and will always work with you to find the best solutions for your outdoor space.

Keep Your Distance from BBQ Pits and Outdoor Cooking Areas

While it’s tempting to create a cosy shade over your BBQ pit, we advise against it. Even if you have a shade sail resistant to heat and fire, the risk is not worth it. Heat can potentially damage the shade material, and the release of chemicals can pose a danger to your loved ones.

Ensure It Clear From Other Surfaces and Obstructions

Planning to install your shade sail where it might touch other surfaces? Think twice. We recommend against it because when surfaces come into contact with the structure, it can damage the shade sail material and significantly reduce its lifespan. Whether it’s doors, trees, windows or swings, any interaction with obstructions is a no-go. Remember, prevention is better than replacement, so avoid placing your shade sail where it could rub against anything.

Steer Clear of Unauthorised Spaces

There are certain areas and regulations that strictly prohibit the installation of shade sails. To prevent any legal hassles, it’s best to avoid putting up your shade sail in places where it’s not permitted. We cannot emphasise the importance of checking local guidelines to ensure a hassle-free and legal installation.

Don’t Forget About The Sun’s Movement

Another factor to consider when installing your shade sail is the sun’s movement throughout the day. Here at Shadeland, we suggest that you avoid placing your shade sail where it will block the natural light or create unwanted shadows. You want to maximise the benefits of your shade sail, not compromise them. Therefore, it’s advisable to choose a location that will provide optimal shade and ventilation at different times of the day. We can advise the best placement for your outdoor area.

Get Expert Advice From Shadeland

As Townsville’s leading shade sail experts, we offer high-quality shade sails, design consultations and expert installations to ensure you get the very best products and service. So, get in touch with us today for more information and quote.