Enjoy Your Pool Hassle Free with a Customised Shade Sail

The sun is shining in the hot summer months in Australia and you’re going to want to relax in the pool with friends and family. The pool is a great way to cool off, but if you’re not protecting your pool from the elements, your pool may become not as enjoyable and could even have adverse effects for swimmers.

Your pool may receive the sun all day long, or it may just see the sun for part of the day. Either way a shade sail is a good idea to give relief from the suns UV rays. Pool sail structures are customisable, long lasting and easily moveable if you want to change things. You could even choose a tropical looking pool umbrella to cover part of the pool, or to cover a smaller pool.

Protection from UV Rays

An important reason to invest in a pool shade sail, is to protect your skin from harsh UV rays. Swimmers will be wearing minimal clothing and may spend a large amount of time in the pool cooling off increasing the risk of exposure. Shadeland shade structures, offer 95% protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which will keep you and your family protected.

Protect From Falling Debris

Left uncovered, your pool is open to the elements and open to falling leaves, twigs and dirt. This can get sucked down into the filtration system and eventually make it work less efficiently. Your pool shade sail will reduce the time you spend cleaning debris out of the pool and increase the time you have to enjoy the pool!

Enjoy Poolside Shade

Alongside needing protection from the sun’s rays in the pool, you’ll need relief from the harsh Australian heat while relaxing by the pool. You can customise your pool shade structure to cover part or all of the pool, plus areas around the pool where you like to relax. You can choose from shade sails and outdoor umbrellas in various sizes, shapes and colours.

Increase the Value of Your Home

Not only will a pool shade sail be a functional element, it’ll beautify the space adding character and design. Why not get your umbrella in a funky, unique shape, or design your pool shade sail with a rainbow of your favourite colours. Investing in a shade structure will reap you returns on the investment and will add value to your home if you ever decide to sell.