How Shade Sails Can Boost Revenue in Restaurants and Cafes

We all know that shade sails have many uses practically, but they can also work as a tool to boost business and increase turnover. There are many ways shade structures can improve your business so let’s take a look at why they are so great at doing this for restaurants, cafe’s and bars.

Increase Your Income

If your restaurant has one or more outdoor areas with seating, then shade sails are an instant huge win. They will pay for themselves very quickly as this means that extreme heat (or even rain for that matter) will send you customers inside which will be limited by your table space. Having a covered area outside effectively increases your table space as your customers will be protected from the sun’s harmful UV let alone a higher ambient temperature.

Acquire More Foot Traffic

Shade sails can be made and designed into beautiful outdoor structures that also act as a sort of attraction. They can be beautiful to look at by creating new and unique shapes for your outdoor space. They can be placed around trees to create interesting and unusual points of interest that are simply nice places to be.

Shade sails can alter the atmosphere in more ways than one by creating a unique vibe and ambience, especially at night when lit from above and below. This will attract more passing clients as that’s exactly what most of us are interested in, experiencing nice places to eat and relax.

Create a Whole New Space

Shade sails don’t have to be just for dining. During the evening they can make for great places that can easily act like a stage or centre piece for entertainment like DJs or bands to perform under, creating a central point of attention for the entertainment. Having cover in the day and the evening from sun and rain means that you can increase your venue’s live entertainment abilities which again can increase revenue.

Coffee shops and cafes that attract “digital nomad” types of customers who stay for longer periods will have a more casual space to be in too. If you have good wifi then these customers can stay in one large space outside with their laptops without feeling cooped up inside for long periods.

Increase Your Brand Awareness

Shade sails can be customised by adopting your brand’s colours and or even using your logos if you really want to set them apart. This is a permanent way of increasing your brand awareness effectively for free when buying customised shade sails. This again will set you apart from your competition and increase our foot traffic as well as the reputation of your business.


Shade sails offer so much more than what would usually be perceived as simple sun protection. The reality is it’s easy to see why so many businesses have created beautiful and unique shade structures as part of their business.