Some Signs That It Is Time to Replace the Blinds in Your Home

Some products last for a lifetime, unfortunately your blinds are rarely one of these. Whether they are indoor or outdoor blinds, at some point the repeated lowering and raising of the blinds and adjusting of the blind’s slats will cause them to malfunction or completely wear out.

But an outdated design or a home renovation can also be a valid reason for replacing the blinds in your Townsville home as well.

If you feel that your blinds may be reaching the end of their useful life, here is what you need to know in determining whether they need to be totally replaced.

The Moving Parts in Your Blinds are Malfunctioning or Failing

The usefulness of your blinds comes from their ability to be rolled up or down or to adjust the angle of the slats. If either of these functions becomes a problem, it is typically an omen that your blinds have reached the end of their useful life. Ropes fray and rollers lose their ability to roll.

You can make some repairs to the particular problem for the time being, but any malfunction or failure is a sure sign that you should start shopping around for a replacement or upgrade to your present blinds.

The Slats on Your Old Blinds are Damaged

It’s not so much that your slats are damaged. Every reputable blinds company can repair a damaged slat. It’s the ‘old’ part. That’s the kicker.

If the particular make and model of your blinds has gone out of production, you may be out of luck in finding a replacement slat. Your blinds installer may or may not be able to fashion a replacement out of what is available on the market.

But you should realise that any other parts that may be needed to fix your blinds down the road are not going to be available. Face it. It’s time to start shopping for new blinds.

If it is Time for a Renovation, Your Blinds Should be Included in Your Plans

Your blinds were chosen to fit the design and décor of your house. If you are planning to change that design and décor, shouldn’t you be considering an upgrade and replacement of your blinds as well?

Particularly if you are planning a major renovation to increase the market value of your Townsville home, a budget allowance should be made for new blinds.

Blinds are large and command attention in a room. Whether you are modernising just a room or the entire house, rehanging old and dated blinds can negate all the efforts you’ve put into the renovation. It can be disastrous to your intended aim of attracting interested buyers.