Amazing Shade Sail Qualities That Make Them Unbeatable In The Sun

Most people know that shade sails are a popular way of escaping the sun’s harsh UV rays and staying cool in the heat while enjoying the outdoors, but there are many unique benefits to shade sails that set them apart from other means of sun protection so let’s take a look at some of their unbeatable features.

High-Quality Material

Shade sails in Australia need to be of a very high standard as the Australian climate will push the shade cloth to its limit. Off-the-shelf shade sails simply don’t offer the same high-quality shade cloths with unbeatable UV performance, strength and choice of colours. Off-the-shelf sails also simply won’t last as long, the value for money simply isn’t there after a few months in a hot and windy climate. Our custom shade cloths offer unrivalled hi-tech performance and have long guarantees for a reason.

Nowadays we have synthetic cutting-edge fibres that are strong, lightweight, and colourful but most importantly actually filter UV to an incredible degree, unlike their cheap equivalents. Currently, much of our shade cloth is proudly made in Australia and exported all over the world.

Simple Installation And Maintenance

Shade sails are very flexible when it comes to installation and they require very little maintenance too. installation if done by experienced professionals is quick and will ensure your shade sails perform to their optimum. They can easily be taken down in storms or for yearly cleaning and have many ways of being mounted, posts and  buildings etc., shade sail installation means you can position them almost anywhere you want to get the shade you want.

Occasionally the pulleys will need oiling and tension correcting but otherwise keeping your sails free of debris that can rot is all you really need to do to keep them looking at their best and performing all year round.

Custom Sizing

Another great unbeatable feature of shade sails that sets them apart from off-the-shelf products is custom shapes and sizes. Shade sails can easily be made to fit any unique design so the aesthetic possibilities are almost endless. When in combination with other sails they can make a dramatic visual impact on an outdoor space as well as perform the functional task of sun protection. Sizes and shapes are almost limitless so you can get shade into almost any spot you wish with a little creative thinking and help from your shade sail suppliers.

Choice Of Colours And Standards

With so many varieties of shade cloth on the market the options for longevity, UV protection, finish, colour and other performance-related specifications are also unmatched compared to other solutions. You will be amazed at the options on offer allowing you to create the perfect shade solution for your space.