Types of Shade Sails and Ways to Get Shade in Your Outdoor Space

There are many ways to get shade in your outdoor living area depending on your budget, your space and a few other considerations. Most people think of shade sails for gardens and patios, but they aren’t the only solution and sometimes a combination of different types of products can provide the best solution. Let’s look at different ways to get some shade into your space.

Shade Sails

Shade Sails are one of the most powerful ways to get shade as they are very flexible in their design options and can cover a great deal of space with just one canopy. They can also be mounted by poles and to the walls of your property. So, they have a lot of placement options when it comes to providing shade in the right spot.

Customised shade sails can also be made in many shapes, sizes and colours so the design options are almost endless. When installed by professionals they can last a very long time and also provide high UV protection of up to 98%.

Retractable Awnings

Awnings are another great way of generating shade outside. They can also provide shade inside as often they are placed over patio doors or windows and can stop the sun from heating up the room inside while simultaneously providing shade outside.

They are very popular for patios or BBQ areas as they can start to provide shade to the kitchen or dining room with sliding or bi-fold doors that lead right outside providing an extension to the room with no gaps. They have an extension limit, but they are also retractable for winter so can work well in many situations. There are also many different types of awnings, not just retractable and they can be operated in many ways too.

Outdoor Umbrellas

Outdoor umbrellas can be fixed or portable and they offer a great cost-effective alternative to shade sails or awnings. Whilst they are more limited in the shade they can provide and the amount of cover, well-placed outdoor umbrellas can still be very effective.

Portable ones are especially effective near open area pools where the only way to provide shade would be a substantial shade sail solution. you might want a sunbathing area near the pool and as the sun moves then you can simply adjust your outdoor umbrella accordingly.

Newer designs can also be mounted in various ways and probably offer sizes larger than you think. Like awnings, they are retractable very quickly so they offer a great deal of flexibility.

Combining Shade Solutions

Of course, a combination of the above choices will give you the most variety to achieve your aims and the solutions and design elements are almost limitless so consult the experts at Shadeland today.