Why Schools, Nurseries And Outdoor Learning Areas Need Shade Sails

Many Australian school programs are now requiring children to do part of their learning outside the class meaning outdoor areas will need UV protection from the sun. Consequently, shade sails for schools, nurseries and outdoor learning spaces are even more essential.

Custom-made shade sails provide the most affordable way to protect children from the sun and modern high-quality shade cloths can give up to 95% UV protection and come with warranties of up to 15 years.

Combining these factors together and it’s easy to see why shade sails are considered the best outdoor protection for kids.

Benefits of Shade Sails for Play Areas

High UV Protection: As already mentioned, shade sails can provide up to 95% protection which is more important for kids as they are much more sensitive and prone to sunburn and heat stroke. Kids simply aren’t so good at recognising the signs so having a large shaded area where staff don’t have to constantly monitor is ideal.

Lower Temperatures: Anything that provides shade will inherently also lower the temperature, so even on a hot day the shaded temperature will be drastically reduced. Our shade cloths provide maximum heat reduction whilst letting through cooling wind. Modern shade cloths are very high-tech and have been designed to give many benefits.

Ventilation: As mentioned above, our shade cloths allow some cooling breeze through them, this is obviously most effective lower down and at steeper angles, but this is also bi-directional meaning that warmer air can also escape upwards and out not creating a stuffy environment like a tent.

Expanded Play Areas: Shading an area outside is like suddenly having a new room. It is a space that isn’t affected so much by the elements (even rain) and allows more freedom for children to enjoy, especially when school programs are recommending learning time outdoors. Shade sails can be mounted anywhere giving you almost infinite ways to expand your outdoor space.

Engaging Designs for Kids: The range of colours combined with the overall design can make a very appealing space for kids to want to be under. Shapes and colours can be used very creatively to create unique and engaging spaces where kids will stay inside and so stay protected. There really is no limit to what can be achieved with a little imagination. Having a space that children are less likely to wander from is certainly a bonus for everyone!


It’s easy to see why so many schools, nurseries and outdoor play areas including public ones are using shade sails for sun protection for kids. For a free consultation with no pressure, speak to one of our experts today and find out how you and your kids can benefit from custom shade sails and structures.