Benefits of Pool Shade Sails and Why They Are so Important For Pools

Shade Sails obviously block the sun’s harmful UV rays and give us cooler shaded areas, but there are actually many other benefits to having them cover or partially cover your pool. Well-positioned and installed shade sails can be a huge asset to all pools not only visually and for our health, but for the health of your pool too. Let’s take a look at the extra benefits of having custom shade sails for your pool.

Sun Protection In Your Pool

Your pool is a place where it’s easy to stay longer than you think, time can go fast and kids are especially prone to this if adults aren’t strict on watching the time, which isn’t always easy. Water also reflects and magnifies the sun so getting sunburnt is easier in the water just as it is on the open sea. Quality shade sails will give you full protection from the sun and allow everyone to enjoy your pool for longer without worry.

Shade sails will not only protect you from this but if positioned well around the edges of the pool will give you shaded areas for relaxing. This also means not having to move an umbrella around or move your sun lounger into a shaded area for protection when it’s too hot.

Extra benefits of Pool Shade Sails

Reduce the Running Cost of Your Pool

Even if you only partially cover your pol with a shade sail it will bring down the temperature of the pool in that area. The knock-on effect of this is that your pool will need less chemicals and the filtration system will have to work less to balance this out. Both these things will reduce your pool running costs, especially over time. Gradually, the sun’s rays will lower the pH value of your pool (when the temperature rises), and your filtration system will have to work harder.

Less Cleaning Because Less Debris

As above, less debris like decomposing leaves means less filtering and reduces the use of chemicals and excess pumping to filter unbalanced water. The fewer leaves and algae that build up are crucial. Everyone hates cleaning their pool but having a shade sail will help reduce this quite a bit. Even if you have a shade sail the size of your pool, you won’t ever be able to completely cover it in shade (why would you? After all it’s not always sunny) as the sun moves throughout the day but covers most or a large part will certainly help.


The above reasons should be enough but protecting the old and young in a place where you want to spend the most time as it’s social, fun, entertaining and a way of exercising cannot be underestimated considering the initial investment in your pool.