Four Big Reasons To Invest In Custom-made Shade Sails

There are many reasons to invest in Shade Sails, but installing custom-made shade sails have a whole host of extra benefits compared to off-the-shelf options. Let’s look at the most important reasons to buy custom shade sails.

Better Made Means Better Performance

Off-the-shelf shade sails nearly always have reduced protection ability and poorer quality cloth. Pre-made shade sails from the top suppliers are fine but ones found in Bunnings and discount online stores won’t have the same UV and strength properties as the ones Shadeland offer.

Protection is the number one reason for buying shade sails in the first place and whilst they may be a little more expensive, they will perform better and last much longer giving you much better value for money in the long run.

Correct Installation

Having your shade sails correctly installed also means they will work better, giving you a tighter fit around your walls and covering unusual-shaped pools and patios much easier. It’s not just the shape though, the correct tensioning and position of anchor points all increase their performance and longevity.

Incorrect tensioning can lead to wind damage to the cloth or damage to the cables and tensioners as well as the poles themselves. Shadeland has many years of experience fitting custom-made shade sails to homes and businesses in Townsville.

As well as lasting longer and you will get much better warranties too, from 10 – 15 years depending on your choice of shade cloth.

Custom-made Means Lower Cooling and Heating Costs

Having shaded areas joining the outside of your property near windows will lower the temperature inside and so reduce your air-con bills when it’s hot. The reverse is also true, if you take down your shade sails in the winter then more sunlight and UV can hit your windows not only improving the light but raising the temperature too. This is why they are a great choice for businesses as well as homes. Taking down your shade sails in winter will also increase their lifespan and also allows you to clean them.

Create Unique Designs and Spaces

Custom shapes and design are one of the major reasons why you should have your shade sails custom-made compared to buying off-the-shelf options. They allow you to have any shape you like meaning you can just use this option to be visually striking, or use it to squeeze more shade over areas that don’t conform to triangles or squares like most shop options. We can help you design shade sails that wrap around trees, can cover unique shaped pools and patios or just create a visually appealing design for your home or business.