How To Improve The Life of Your Shade Sails

Some Tips on How to Improve the Life of Your Shade Sails

Shade Sails can be a potentially a big investment so you’ll want them to last as long as possible giving you protection from the sun. Replacing before you need to is avoidable with these simple tips to help you maximise their lifespan and prevent unnecessary wear and tear.

Are They Correctly Installed?

If your shade sails were installed yourself then you may want to check that they have been done correctly as this is the number one reason for reducing their lifespan. If the tension is too high then this will place excess strain on not only the sails, but the anchor points and fittings. Not enough tension and they will catch too much wind and the pulleys and cables will get excess wear.

Also, the overall placement, height, angle to the wind and the strength of your mounting poles is important. It’s worthwhile checking the tension regularly and assessing whether your placement is ok. If you’re not sure, try asking your local shade sail installers.

Store Them Away in the Winter or When Not in Use

If your shade sails aren’t going to be used for a long period, then it’s worthwhile breaking them down and storing them away. This means they will require less cleaning and endure normal wear and tear. It’s also worthwhile taking them down in severe storms as this will also give you a chance to correct any tension issues at the same time. Most quality shade structures can withstand quite heavy weather but there are limits. One more benefit is that once they’re down, they’re easier to clean.

Clean Your Sails Regularly

Cleaning removes not only excess weight from debris like twigs and leaves but also avoids discolouration from algae when the leaves and water start to turn into a rotting mess which if left unaddressed can also cause sagging. If you’re in the dry season then this can be done by relaxing the tension and just using a soft broom or hose, but if they start to get build-up from dust, dirt, leaves and twigs in the rain then they’ll need a proper clean with a hose. Also oiling the ratchets from time to time will help as these will get dusty and dry too.

Repair Them Correctly With Experts

Sometimes your sails will get torn, accessories can break or mounting points can come loose or even detached. If you’re not an experienced DIYer then it might be worthwhile getting your local experts in to fix them, especially if you installed them yourself. Then you’ll have peace of mind that they are in tip-top condition and any potential installation issues like placement are also addressed, also potentially giving you more shade in the process.