If you live in an Area Prone to Bad Weather, Storm Proof Shutters will Do More than Just Protect Your Family and Property

When you hear about a storm heading your way, it can be a mad rush of running around, trying to tie everything down and nail wooden boards over your windows. The mighty force of a storm has the ability to pick up cars, trees and many other heavy objects alongside smashing windows and even sometimes knocking over thin, unstable walls.

Storm proof shutters are a great choice to give you peace of mind your windows will be protected in the event of a powerful storm. These outdoor shutters are extremely durable and long lasting, solar powered and remote control operated so you can get them down in a jiffy, while your neighbours are running around trying to board up their windows!

Benefits of Storm Proof Shutters

  • Can be less expensive than decorative shutters. Also they’ll potentially save you money on repairs if a storm hits so they’re the most cost effective shutter option
  • They are easy to use at the touch of a button with the remote control. This means if you’re stuck at home alone as the storm comes in, you can storm proof the windows in an instant with no need to use heavy tools and drills boarding up windows
  • They will give full protection to windows, balconies or a store front in stormy weather
  • Storm proof shutters can increase the value of your home if you ever decide to sell, as potential new buyers will know the value they bring to a home
  • These tough, durable shutters will give you and your family peace of mind when a storm is raging

Safety and Security for the Whole Family

Not only will your storm proof shutters prevent flying objects in a hurricane break through your glass windows or door, they’ll secure your home from potential break-ins when your travel. The durable aluminum shutters are extremely tough and a great deterrent for burglars who are always looking for potential easy targets. If they see tough aluminum shutters, they’ll know unless they have a fork lift truck, they won’t be getting in.

Choose a Style and Colour to Match Your Home

Whether you need a storm proof shutter for your business or home, Shadeland can come to your property and give you a free, custom design consultation. You can choose outdoor shutters to compliment your style and colour preferences, ensuring they enhance your homes curb appeal. Made to the highest standards, your custom designed cyclone shutters will come with a warranty of up to 10 years, so you can have peace of mind your family and assets are protected.