Valuable Assets like Cars and Equipment will benefit from a Customised Shade Structure

When you think of purchasing a shade sail, I’m sure the first thought that comes into your head is protecting your family, friends and yourself from harsh weather conditions. And this of course is of utmost importance, but a shade sail has other uses like; protecting cars, protecting your property or business and covering valuable equipment.

Due to shade structures being built to withstand extreme ultra-violet rays, strong winds, hail and rain, you can be sure a shade sail is a great choice to cover your car park or personal work area where you keep equipment. Depending on the shade material your choose, you’ll get a 10-15 year warranty meaning you can have peace of mind installing a shade sail is a worthwhile investment.

How Will a Shade Sail Protect Your Assets?

  • Blocking 95% of the sun’s harmful ultra-violet rays, a shade sail will protect your equipment from suffering heat damage like colour fading.
  • Shade structures will block rain and hail hitting your equipment or garden furniture, protecting them from rusting and deterioration.
  • Your car will stay cool, reducing the chance of it overheating and being like a hot-box when you get inside.
  • A pool shade structure will block the sun’s harmful rays, reducing water evaporation and cutting down on your pool maintenance costs.
  • Waterproof shade sails are great to cover outdoor restaurant spaces, keeping guests protected and your furniture safe.
  • Shade structures can be attached to the side of buildings, blocking the sun from streaming into your home and fading carpets or furniture.

Choose from a Wide Range of Striking Shade Sail Designs

If you know what type of shade structure you want, Shadeland will work with you to make it happen! If you need some extra help in the design phase, the team can work with you to advise on size, shape, colour and the best type of shade material for your needs.

Each shade cloth has been put through rigorous testing phases, ensuring the tension abilities are super durable. You can be sure your shade sail will withstand sagging and will protect you and your assets efficiently for up to 10-15 years.

Installation Process for Shade Sails Townsville

Once you’ve decided you need a customised shade structure for your assets, you need to talk to the team at Shadeland to organise a time for them to visit your property.

  1. A Shadeland expert will visit to assess your area and needs. You’ll then be given a free design consultation, outlining any personalised recommendations.
  2. Your Shadeland representative will give you a quote which will be worked out to reflect your budget and design needs.
  3. Once you agree on the quote, the Shadeland team will start constructing your perfect shade sail. It could take up to two weeks to begin installation and when the team begins, you’ll be kept up to date every step of the way.