Outdoor Shade is a Must, but how do You Decide on the Right Shade Structure?

Deciding on a shade structure for your outdoor space can be a tough decision, with shade sails and outdoor umbrellas both doing such great jobs. Each one has tons of benefits and would provide quality protection for you and your family.

Both the shade sail and umbrella are made from quality, durable and UV protecting fabrics that can withstand different types of weather conditions. If you’re thinking of installing a custom shade structure, but can’t decide what’s right for you, read on to help you make your decision.

Shade Sail Benefits and Features

Shade sail structures can be designed to fit over a small or large area in a variety of shapes and colours. some uses for a shade sail are; covering a pool, shading a BBQ area, covering a patio and giving shade to a children’s play area.

  • A shade sail has several anchor points and is fixed to one space
  • Requires an independent pole system or brackets attached to a house, wall or fence
  • It’s a permanent type of shade structure left up all year round. If you did want to take it down to clean, you may need help from the manufacturer
  • Blocks 95% of the sun’s harmful rays and is available in two fabric choices
  • Is custom designed and fitted, allowing you to create a unique shade structure for your outdoor space

Outdoor Umbrella Benefits and Features

Outdoor umbrellas offer a unique, tropical aesthetic and can be designed in various colours and square, rectangle or octagonal shapes. They offer great UV protection and are fast becoming a more popular choice for outdoor shade.

  • Choosing the cantilever style outdoor umbrella means the pole stands to one side, ensuring it doesn’t get in the way of your table and chairs
  • The umbrella can tilt ad pivot allowing you to get all day sun protection, without covering the whole area
  • Has been rigorously tested ensuring it can withstand strong winds and harsh weather conditions.
  • Can be closed when not in use or you want to get a bit of sunbathing time

Is a Shade Sail or Umbrella Best For You?

One of the first points to consider is the type of coverage you need. A shade sail can be designed to fit over a larger area, while an umbrella will generally cover a smaller area but can usually be tilted to follow the sun if needed.

Another thing to consider is the appearance and style you want to have. Both can be built in a variety of colours and shapes but the shade sail will be a permanent fixture, while an umbrella can be taken down when not needed. The umbrella is a more flexible option with you being able to reposition it. If you want to move a shade sail, you’d have to get assistance from the manufacturers.