Shade Sails Provide Protection and Create Unique Entertainment Space

Everybody wants to be outside in the good weather and a shade sail is a great way to make use of your backyard, without having to spend a fortune on building costs. Sail structures can be customised to fit in with your style and made to fit any sized area. Maybe you want a barbeque space for having the family over, or you dream of creating your own arts and crafts space?

Whatever you dream up to use your shade sail for, it can be made to your exact specifications. Make sure you measure out the area, think about the shape you want and decide on the colour scheme to compliment all of that.

Children’s Play Area

Kids have lots of energy and won’t want to be cooped up inside on a scorching hot day. Using a shade sail to create a fun, unique and protected play area is a great way to keep them entertained. Think about getting your shade structure made in unusual, bold shapes and in funky, bright colours. One area could house a slide and a swing, while another could have a range of soft toys and mats where you can play games.

Party Event Area

Summer sun and a party vibe go hand in hand and having a cool entertainment area is a must. You could open up the side of your home with a shade sail attached to the building or create multiple shaded areas if you have the space where you can have grazing tables, drinks stations and even live music. When the parties finish, these shaded areas can double up as relaxation areas where you can read and meditate.

Fitness Space

If you like to keep in shape, having an outdoor exercise area is a great idea, allowing you to enjoy the breeze (when there is one!). If you have benches and weights, the sail will protect them from the elements and if you get a large enough space, you could hold small group classes with friends. They will hate you for putting them through the pain of exercise, but love you when you make the cocktails after!

Arts and Craft Space

If you’re an arty soul, sitting out in the garden painting your latest masterpiece is probably what you dream of doing. A customised shade structure will provide you protection, while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors and be inspired by the views around you. If you have little ones, a shade structure will create a great space for them to draw, paint and enjoy crafts. Why not invite their friends over and have a picnic afterwards!